The Elite is the second novel in the best-selling Selection series by Kiera Cass.[1] It is narrated by America Singer, a 17-year-old girl who is selected to compete with 35 other girls to become Prince Maxon's wife. The Elite tells the story at the stage in the competition where there are only six girls left and tensions are high from both the competition and the dangerous rebels.

The Elite

The book takes place 300 years in the future in a country called Illéa (formerly the United States) that has a strict caste system.[3]The castes range from eight to one, with eights being the homeless and ones being the royal family. Prince Maxon has narrowed down his selection candidates to an Elite of six girls: America, Kriss, Celeste, Elise, Natalie, and Marlee. He must find a wife among these girls.[4] In order to do so, Maxon meets their families and throws a Halloween Ball. However, it turns out that Marlee has a secret affair with one of the guards, and is severely whipped and becomes an eight. Upset and angry that Maxon would let such a thing happen to her, America reconsiders her feelings for Maxon. Then, the girls must plan an event and are split into two teams: America and Kriss, and Natalie, Celeste, and Elise. After much planning, America's Italian event becomes successful. Also, Celeste shows America an article which shows that she is now the least favorite, and Celeste is the highest. After this, Maxon asks to speak with America, and the girls hope he will kick her out. Of course, he doesn't, and instead shows her the Queen's suite and Marlee. The girls talk about Marlee's new life, where she cooks in the kitchen and has married Woodswork, the former guard. For their next project, the girls must present a presentation that will be broadcast on The Report. America presents the idea that there should be no castes, and attempts to show proof in a secret diary when the king takes it from her and says she must go home. However, Maxon insists she will stay, leaving his father outraged. However, America is later crushed when she sees Maxon kissing a half-naked Celeste in the hallway. She later angrily confronts him, asking to leave. However, he rejects her reques

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